terms and conditions

As dedicated health professionals, we guarantee to deliver our services with due care, skill and competency, within the agreed timeframe for all scheduled services.

Australian Consumer Law

Our business coaching services are guaranteed under Australian Consumer Law. If a service which has been purchased from us has a major failure, then the consumer may be entitled to cancel their service with us and receive a refund.

Change of Mind

In the event that our customer received the business coaching service they purchased, but simply changed their mind, a refund would not apply.

In the case where the services had not already been performed, our cancellation policy would apply. 

In exceptional circumstances, we may, at our discretion, offer a refund.

Due care and skill

We guarantee our services are provided with due care and skill. Our coaches possess the appropriate level of skill and technical knowledge to provide our services; and that we take all necessary care to avoid loss or damage when providing our services.

What is a major failure?

A major failure with services is when:

  • the services are substantially unfit for their normal purpose and cannot easily be made fit for such a purpose, within a reasonable time.
  • the consumer told the supplier they wanted a specific result but the services, and any resulting product, do not achieve that result. Only to be considered if the consumer has made all reasonable attempts to follow and complete all goals and tasks, along with all advised strategies to help them achieve their specific result. Evidence of completion of all work advised by supplier will need to be supplied as evidence that the strategies we not effective.

IN Summary

As a supplier, we must meet the consumer guarantees of providing services:

  • with due care and skill
  • which are fit for any specified purpose
  • within a reasonable time (when no time is set).

This means we must:

  • use an acceptable level of skill or technical knowledge when providing the services; and
  • take all necessary care to avoid loss or damage when providing the services.

Suppliers guarantee that services will be reasonably fit for any purpose specified by the consumer and any product resulting from the services are also fit for that purpose.

The supplier also guarantees to supply the service within a reasonable time. What is ‘reasonable’ will depend on the nature of the services.

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