Our 30-day business building course for Dietitians with a voracious appetite for success.

You’re 30 days from the business of your dreams

Have you hit a plateau in your practice? Fresh out of ideas for how to grow your business? No problem - our Business Bootcamp is designed for savvy Dietitians like you, looking to rapidly grow in 2020. Forget what you’ve achieved or what’s failed to take off in the past. 2020 is the year to set the ambitions bar high - and that’s not up for debate!

Ok I’m interested, I really want to grow my business in 2020 - but how can the Business Bootcamp help?

2020, we’re coming for you! By the end of the 30 days, you’ll be armed with the methods and skills to take your business to the next level. Replace fears and doubting voices with productive habits and can-do attitudes that guarantee success. The 30-day course will transform you from a professional Dietitian to a formidable business owner, armed with long term skills and business know-how, and will provide you with a targeted action plan to see you through the rest of 2020.

Business benefits without a shelf life

We’re sharing our insider knowledge for the first time, so you can learn how to scale up your business. Our course incorporates the latest in effective marketing practises, entrepreneurial insights, and technology skills designed for the Dietetics industry, to give you a headstart. Invest in yourself today, and watch your business reap the benefits.

What’s going to be covered over the 30 days?

Rethinking your outlook

We teach you how to assess your situation and become your own accountability partner. Learn how to spot strengths and weaknesses so you can reconsider your brand positioning, and ensure your time is spent productively.

Positioning your brand

Without a clear set of goals and a unique selling proposition (USP), it’s easy to veer off track. Know where you’re going with a clear brand structure, to ensure your messaging and content stay aligned with your values.

Marketing Plan

You’re in the people business, so it’s crucial you have the means to reach the right audience. We’re here to help you build a portfolio of returning clients, tailored to any niche you specialise in.

User journey road mapping

How and where do patients discover you? Is your messaging consistent or muddled? Tap into your audience’s perspective and build a user-friendly experience that assures and stimulates existing and prospective patients.

website AUDIT & social media

Become digitally savvy and develop a killer online presence. Discover how to harness social media to enhance your audience reach, and post relevant content for your patients. Build a website that reflects your professionalism.

Administrative process optimisation

No business achieves success without robust administrative processes. Fine-tune the backbone of your operations with our guide to the latest tools and practises available.


Enrollment to our 30-Day Business Bootcamp is officially OPEN! Places are limited so get in while you can.




  • Daily emails for 30 days with short videos to compliment them
  • Weekly workbooks which you’ll complete and submit for review and direct feedback
  • At the end of the course, you’ll receive an actionable plan on where you should direct your attention to grow your business in 2020

Clarity of vision, greater flexibility, sustainable growth. That’d be nice!

Ambitious Dietitians don’t ask for these things - we take them! Your clients seek your expertise and guidance on achieving positive change in their life, taking control, and feeling invigorated. You deserve a life free from restriction, so you can model your life after your teachings. We know how to show you this life. The question is, are you ready to discover it? No more sidelining your ideas, no more conforming to someone else's approach. No more working to fill someone else's pockets and no more feeling stuck in a rut.

Fear your tech skills don’t cut the mustard? We’ll make digital practises second nature, so you can optimize your business

Can you afford to not have a competitive edge? By neglecting your digital presence, that’s exactly what you’re risking. Like it or lump it, if your website, social media, email marketing and digital advertising are not up to scratch you’ll struggle to grow your business. But I’m a Dietitian, not a digital marketer!? You needn’t be. Over the 30-day course, we’ll deliver a comprehensive guide, demystifying digital marketing, gearing you up for a tech-focussed 2020.

It’s time to take stock of where you’re at and reflect on what you’re working towards. If you’re asking yourself any of the following, the Business Bootcamp is for you!

  • It seems like my earning potential is capped unless I sacrifice time for money!
  • I know it might be time for a new plan of attack, but I’m stubborn!
  • I want to make informed changes, not rash decisions off the cuff.
  • My work-life balance is suffering...with not enough to show for my hard work.
  • The honeymoon period is over, and now my life as a business owner isn’t shaping up as I’d hoped it would…
  • My qualification is in dietetics… I’m not a digital guru!
  • I don’t want to waste money on activities that I’m not sure are going to deliver results.
  • I have lots of ideas but no idea where to start.

A premium business-boosting Bootcamp, designed especially for Dietitians, without the premium price tag. Sign up today for $229, so you can quit dreaming, and...



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For Dietitians with a voracious appetite for success

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